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Voice Announcement via Smartphones
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Unite Crowd Com is a cloud service that broadcasts your spoken announcements to the smartphones of your subscribers.
No action required by your subscribers - announcements are played automatically. You can monitor who has received and confirmed an announcement.

  • Immediately usable as cloud service
  • New subscribers added within seconds
  • Reasonable pricing (setup and monthly fee)
  • No infrastructure required
  • Support for self-hosted scenarios
  • Works on low bandwidth networks

How it Works

How it Works
Control Center
  • Open web app
  • Select channels
  • Speak announcements
  • Receive delivery notifications and confirmations
  • Open mobile app
  • Select Channels
  • Automatically receive announcements (also in the background)
  • Confirm announcements

Use Cases

Public Transport

Public Transport

  • Announcements to all your internal and external personnel at the stations, at the track and on trains – nationally and abroad
  • Communicate with trackside workers
  • Inform and steer station security, medical service, cleaning team, shop owners, ...
Airport Management

Airport Management

  • Communicate with all your internal and external personnel inside and outside the airport
  • Inform and steer ground staff, airline personnel, cleaning team, medical service, security, ...
Crisis Management

Crisis Management

  • Communicate with your ad-hoc team
  • Provide (safety) information to volunteers
  • Steer groups of people consisting of employees, NGOs and volunteers
Success Story

Success Story

“Unite Crowd Com has provided us with an efficient central tool for dispatching and organizing our hotel staff and affiliated partners. Within seconds we are able to locate and task appropriate personnel resulting in a noticeably better service for our guests. The mobile app helps the Regent Warsaw Hotel to live up to our motto and to let guests ‘experience true hospitality’.”

Dariusz Borek

Associate Director of Rooms, Regent Warsaw Hotel, Poland

Regent Warsaw Hotel is an elegant business hotel set on Belwederska Street in the city’s diplomatic district.


  • Dispatcher (Web App)
  • »Live display of subscribers per channel
  • »Live display of transmission status per subscriber
  • »Map view of confirmations
  • »Announcement history
  • »Subscriber Management
  • »Channels freely configurable
  • Mobile App as Subscriber
  • »One click to sign in
  • »Announcements played automatically
  • »App receives announcements even when closed
  • »Replay announcements
  • »Push button to confirm or call back

Unite Crowd Com is available in three versions - Basic, Professional and Professional Volunteer. Each version offers different features; you can download a feature overview below.
Download Feature Overview